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Steam Cleaning


How it works?

We offer high temperature 300°F dry vapor steam cleaning that is safe and effective for cleaning interior and exterior surfaces. This delivers a better result for our customers and keeps the interior from getting soaking wet. Normal interior "shampoo" services take several hours to dry. Our steam cleaning method drys in minutes and leaves the surfaces sanitized and spotless killing 99.9% of all bacteria, germs, and dust mites. It is also kid and pet friendly with no harsh chemicals, just pure water vapor that is clean and gentle on skin.

The other advantage with our service is on aircraft interiors and exteriors. We can clean and sanitize lavatories, kitchens, and carpeted areas without introducing harmful chemicals and high levels of water that can lead to corrosion later. It also is safe with the various fire retardant materials on aircraft. Cleaning with steam is environmentally conscious, because it eliminates run off and residue from cleaning and washing exterior surfaces and landing gear areas. Steam cleaning is just one more way JBS is leading the way as the best detailing company.

(480) 808 4229