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What is a ceramic coating?

Have you ever wondered what is a ceramic coating? Will a ceramic coating really last a lifetime? Are ceramic coatings expensive? Fortunately we can answer those questions and give you a breif look into coatings. Ceramic coatings chemically bond to your paint known as cross linking to provide years of unsurpassed protection. Traditional waxes or sealants may last from 2-6 months. With proper care and maintenance a coating can last 2- 7 years plus. They provide easier maintenance and superior protection to waxes and synthetic sealants. It is like having an additional layer of clear coat on the paint that levels completely flat and bonds to the actual clear coat of your vehicle. This coating provides a higher resistance to scratches and etching from bugs, bird droppings, fallout, and acid rain.

Coatings can also be applied to matte paint finishes, vinyl wraps, and interior surfaces as well! Cloth, leather, vinyl, rubber, and plastic can all benefit from a ceramic coating to resist dirt and wear. Call today for more information on coatings and how they can Protect Your Investment no matter what the road, water, or air throws your way.   



CeramicPro is one of the global leaders in coating technologies. We are a certified installer for all their coating packages on interior and exterior surfaces. Protection available from six months to lifetime warranty. 



Starting at $200


Simoniz Diamond Plate

Simoniz offers an excellent protection package with their diamond plate coating package. This coating offers a two year warranty of durable protection on your vehicle at an excellent value.



Starting at $400


Opti Seal

Optimum Polymer Technologies offers a very high quality line of products and was an original pioneer in coating technology. Optimum Gloss Coat offers up to three years of protection without a warranty.



Starting at $250

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